Strategic Procurement Examples

Tony McCartney

My initial exposure to strategic procurement was in developing the framework for Western Bay District Council’s three waters and Bayroads contract (1997).  While similar outcomes were sought (e.g. integrated outcomes, financial efficiency),  two different methodologies were finally adopted.  Bayroads as a hybrid alliance and the three waters as a lump sum full service delivery partnership.   While Byroad was delivered by others, I led the three waters partnership for ten plus years.

With CPG (2008) and in conjunction with others we led the Government of Fiji through the development of a PPP model for road maintenance on Queens Road.  Designed to improve the quality and efficiency of this key tourist route, we socialised funding models, level of service options and the broader economic benefits of this alliance model.  While a PPP was not adopted, the framework and many of the mechanics of the proposal were taken up in their current delivery environment.

More recently I have developed a strategic procurement strategy for AT’s $300M, 7500km roading maintenance and renewals environment.  The current (2010 -2016) environment was developed as a first stage development after the establishment of the Auckland super city model (2008).  The current progression builds on the partnering framework of this first generation to improve customer service, consistency and financial efficiency in a buoyant development infrastructure sector across the Auckland region.